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Saturday, April 09, 2011


Recently I went through some of my older photos taken 2 or 3 years ago to edit a few that I thought deserved to be finished and prepared for sale. The reason being is that I'm about to buy the Canon 5D Mark ll next month. I know once I have that camera I'll never go back to some of the earlier photos taken with my Canon 30D so lately I've been editing quite a few images from earlier cameras.
I've actually found quite a few I love but it's too bad because there are hundreds that will never see the light of day just because today's buyer is looking for the highest resolution possible and so for me it's better to be a head of the game if I can!
Anyway here are a few before and after photos I've prepared for sale lately. Even the dullest photos
sometimes can be gems!!

These images are available for download at, and
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  1. they are only a gem in the hands of the person that knows what she is doing! very inspirational! going to dig out some of my travel shots and try to work magic :)

  2. LOL, thanks Luba!
    Photoshop really does all the work. It's always fun to find them. They look so drab but they're waiting to be discovered.

  3. It looks like PicSweep from CC :) great job!

  4. Stunning Sandra!

    I'd love to know what steps you take when doing the processing, I'm so lost when it comes to playing with PS, so I tend to always follow the same process with the same (boring) results!


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