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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

DAY INTO NIGHT!! (Before and After)

I just wanted to share this cool effect with you that I found in one of my plug-ins that work with Photoshop CS5!
I'm sure there is a way to do this with just PS but this way is a lot quicker.
It's Perfect Effects 3 from onOne Software. It's a great tool for creating special effects for you images:
First, here is a Before and After of the image:

Here is the image in Photo Effects. It's in effects/ movie looks/ day for night. You then can make a few adjustments for a lighter or darker effect!

I then brought the image back to Photoshop for the last tweaking. I drew some small windows, duplicated them 5x in different sizes then cut & pasted  a Christmas tree. I also darkened the tree for a night effect.
For another fun effect I put what looks like tiny lights in the foreground tree into a blending layer mode of "Color Dodge".
Finally, I added a layer of snow to the whole image for a final snowing scene and that's it!! :)


  1. "that's it" :) its not just a plugin - its a massive creative effort and skill behind it. thank you so much for sharing and making it look so easy

  2. LOL, really it's not that hard! I think that the plugin does most of the work!:)

  3. Your transformations always amaze me. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you very Karen. Very much appreciated!
    I'm glad you found it interesting!
    Sandra :)

  5. You are not only artistic and skillful, you are generous, too. Thank you for sharing. Hugs// Birgitta/ bivi

  6. How do I get you to teach me all that you know???
    WOW....what a great talent. Your photographs are beautiful !! Rosamund Parkinson, photographer

  7. Thank you, Birgitta! Very much appreciated! ♥

  8. Well, thank you Rosamund!
    You know I'm also still learning new things everyday...I guess that's what keeps it fun. :)
    Thanks for the beautiful compliment!


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