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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DOLLAR STORE DINOSAUR(Before and after)!!

Here is a brief look at a before and after I did recently of a small dinosaur I purchased at the dollar store. (If anyone is not familiar with this it's a store that only sells items for a dollar). It's cheap and I think it makes a great prop for many different projects!
Here is the original image:

(1) It was shot on some fake grass with a black background. (2) I changed the image from a horizontal image to vertical and added clouds in a luminosity blending mode set at 100%. (3)I then added some mountains above the sky in a soft light blending mode set at 100%. (5) A couple of grungy textures with scratches in an overlay mode set to about 40%.
(4) For fun some bird and tree brushes were added to give movement, depth  and drama to the final image.
And finally a slight radial blur was done at the end to add some quirkiness to the final feeling and look of the image!

That's it and here is the finished Image with two variations! :)


  1. This is terrific! I have a dollar-store dragon that I will try this technique with. Thanks so much for sharing your process. The result is absolutely fantastic!

  2. Thanks Colleen!
    A dragon could be an awesome prop to create an image like this.
    Would love to see it when finished! :)

  3. You really take this challenge seriously. It is a creative work and you done a great job so i am impressed by that. Such a fantastic image.


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