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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I recently did an image for this year's Christmas season that is soon approaching. After uploading it I realized it could have another life or two left in it to create something new!  Here is the original image:
It's nice as it is but I found this image different and fun to do and this is how I created  image no.2.
I masked out the background and enlarged the height of the image to accommodate the new background.

I added an image of red curtains and duplicated the layer for more of a curtain feeling. In the last back layer I then added a red bokeh background and added some sparkle brushes in a separate layer and set the layer to "Color Dodge". That's it and here is the finished Image!! :)
Images are available for download at, and
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  1. What a great tip. If you don't mind I'm sharing this on my Vintage Lovers page on Facebook. Great way to recycle photos (for gifts perhaps) and useful photo tips.

  2. This is fantastic. Mary from

  3. Thanks Jennifer,

    Glad you liked the post and I have no problem if you share this on your face book page! :)


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